Libertarians Across Michigan to Come Together for Convention, Party Business — 2 Comments

  1. Robert Clark Libertarian canadate 2018 for township supervisor Arcadia Mi. Manistee county , ended up with 48% of the votes /will be attending both upcoming events 3/12 in T.C.& 4/13 in Bay City. I would like to become a delegate.your thoughts please. What steps should I be taking. I believe I’m already signed up as a member and look forward to another run for office on the Libertarian ticket in 2020

  2. Hi Robert! We would love to have you at the Libertarian meeting in Traverse City meeting March 17. My guess is that you would be a top choice to be a delegate for the state meeting.

    We are not sure if we will have 2 or 20 who want to be delegates, but I will definitely recommend you as one of the top choices due to your outstanding election performance!!

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