Antrim Sheriff Candidates Bean, Cole Discuss Proposed New Jail — 9 Comments

  1. I thought about voting for mr.cole but after sending both him and sheriff bean an email about certain lawlessness from the sheriffs employee and got no answer from either Ill encourage and vote for another candidate.

    • Mr Cole has no certification to even ride in a parole car effectively. He can’t arrest anyone. He has no experience or training in law enforcement. We do not need a change, especially to someone that is ill qualified to fill this position. He is a nice man, but needs to apply for something he is qualified for.

      • He is not “applying.” He is running in an election so the people can choose. He meets all of the qualifications for the position or they wouldn’t let him on the ballot.

        Sheriffs are not the ones in the patrol cars pulling people over. They are managers and administrators.

  2. Sheriff Bean is a long time law enforcement officer. I have lived in large cities and small towns and frankly THE RESPONSIVENESS of sheriff Bean and his officers is outstanding.
    Mr . Cole has absolutely no law enforcement experience and in my opinion is just another POLITICIAN.

  3. I am voting for Cole. People think the Sheriff is the one driving around, not so. The Sheriff is the administrative manager and communicates with the community.

    Sheriff Bean is a nice guy. However, he insists that we need a new jail and there are many better options to be explored. He didn’t call Wayne State back about the grant we received for Stepping Up, alternatives to jail, so now the grant is on hold while other communities benefit.

    He also has a lot of bad history with the Animal Shelter, lots and lots of complaints. I am not sure why he took on these extra duties of the Animal Shelter, they are unrelated to the Sheriff’s office. But his lack of management and communication skills came out when these issues became well known.

    And his UnderSheriff is very rude and condescending to the people, Pratt treated concerned Mancelona residents with disdain after the murder we had a couple years ago. He is the one that is enforcing the law.

  4. Mr. Bean jsays a jail is inevitable. Triston Cole says he will look at options, he has the connections and know-how to build a much needed mental health facility in a central area. THey don’t have very many prisoners, and would have even less prisoners if they had a mental health place.

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