2022 Antrim County Commissioner Race: Rubingh vs Zelenak vs Kuiper District #2   — 7 Comments

  1. As new residents, we are obviously concerned about the voting issues here in Antrim County. More specifically, allowing outside agitators access to voting machines.
    I want to know which candidate supported the “Big Lie,” that the election was fraudulent?

    • Many residents and Commissioners were concerned about all the errors made by our county in this election. That was understandable to a point, based on all that happened. Christian Marcus is the only Commissioner who had good things to say about Randy Bishop, who is now suing the county over the election. The others all made sure to disassociate from Randy Bishop.

      • We weren’t living here for the election, but I read about it in the Washington Post, among other publications. Quite an embarrassment, and hopefully it won’t happen again. I happen to believe Sheryl Guy’s explanation.
        But, I still want an accounting going forward of those – who promoted false accusations of election fraud.
        I also want to know who supported those false stories – that now run for office.

        • I know Sheryl personally and absolutely believe her. However, I was on the ballot myself and it was quite stressful while they did all the reviews and kept coming up with different numbers. Surely everyone on all sides who was involved will agree that it was handled poorly, for weeks. Even Democrats involved with the Secretary of State review expressed concern.

          Every elected official, myself included, wanted to know the details of what happened to prevent it from happening again. After all, we represent many people on both sides who were very concerned. So there were some Commissioners who asked a lot of questions on behalf of their citizens.

          The first lawsuit that got all the media attention was filed by a citizen. The Commissioners have zero control over the lawsuits, or any other elected officials.

          However, there were some Commissioners who were associated with Randy Bishop, who recently filed a second lawsuit about the election. This lawsuit is linked to in this article and actually quotes one Commissioner. That’s why I asked each of them the Randy Bishop question. I find it telling that Randy is suing each Commissioner individually, I think because they don’t dance to his orders.

          I’m pretty sure the review of the voting machines was done by court order, and managed by the Clerk and Administrator. The commissioners didn’t have any say or part in that.

          I think you will find more details by watching the video of the county meetings, which can be found on Antrim County FB page and the Citizens page linked in this article. The meetings are very long during that time period, but they are interesting and telling. I listen while I am working on the computer.

        • PS I think you will enjoy this blog, it is opinion based and talks about details of what some of the Commissioners say. Since the writer is anonymous, he/she doesn’t hold back. I definitely don’t agree all the time, as it has a Democrat slant and I am Libertarian. But I find it very entertaining.

          • Ha, ha…That blog is quite entertaining and informative at the same time. Thanks!

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