2020 Election: Who Knows What Really Happened in Antrim County, Michigan? — 1 Comment

  1. Are you aware that it is possible to identify from the data part of what happened to the 4th November Unofficial Results? In nine precincts (Chestonia, Custer, Echo, Forest, Helena, Jordan, Kearney, Star, and Torch Lake) each candidate received the vote of the candidate to their ‘right’ in the published results – Biden received Trump’s, Trump Jorgensen’s, Jorgensen Blankenship’s, and so on – or 1 or 2 votes more. Milton and Elk had some other form of error, which doesn’t seem to be so simply explained. The other 5 precincts seem to be OK (assuming the 21st November results are more or less correct, which they may or may not be).

    The same pattern holds in the Senate race, and from a quick look, probably in the Straight Party, Congress Representative, and Representative in State Legislature races – the only ones I have seen for the 4th Nov and 5th Nov (1st amended) results, since I only have the Bailey complaint.

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